African view episode 1part 03

The concept of Continental Free Trade Agreement has been running over the minds of African leaders since the inception of the African Union back in the time of Emperor H/Sillassie of Ethiopia. However, for one reason or another African leaders did not seem to agree on plan of action until recently.

The idea behind the agreement of African Continental Free Trade Area is for Africans to share their resources and benefit from the huge African market rather than looking towards the west and eastern continents to buy their resources and sell it back to the continent with twice or triple its price back to Africans.

The idea is when Africans come together the resource of one country can be used as a raw material for another African country’s factory and the product will be put to African market with considerably law price. African countries can also use their human resources for the good of the continent.

For this to be effective basic infrastructures and tariff agreements among other things need to be put in place. My interview with Million Habte who is a senior expert With the African Continental Free Trade Area Technical Support Unit at the African Union dwells on these issues


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