African Reads- Children Stories

African Reads- Children Stories

As a parent you would like your child to commit to reading. Especially in this day and age when children start to scroll through your mobile apparatuses before they even start to walk or talk is a great concern. As a parent you wish they would pick up a book. Igniting their reading as some child development experts indicate starts from the womb. The soft reading sound of the parents tend to have a calming effect on the unborn child. And thus the theory is that when the child is born, by perusing such routine readings will encourage the child to commit to reading as they get older, besides strengthening your bond with your child, of course.

The major concern that parents have is selecting the ideal story with moral values. As a parent that was also my concern. It can be difficult to associate stories with our Africa customs. It would be a far-fetched idea for our children to grasp the story of Snow While or Cinderella.

I have stumbled upon a website that is dedicated to African Folk tale stories. I have found it fascinating try it and let me know what you think.

Click Here: African Stories for African Children

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